Food Plots for Whitetail Deer

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Food Plots for Whitetail Deer in Maryland

Question: “I have a small farm of approximately 70 acres. I live in Westminster, Maryland and I don’t farm it, but have a local farmer that does. My property is surrounded by much larger farms and between them they all feel that the whitetail deer would be better off dead and gone altogether. I understand their anger, the deer due huge damage to their crops of soybean and feed corn, but I figured if there were alternative sources of food for the deer, even food plots for whitetail deer, it would greatly reduce the crop damage.

Over the years I have seen the deer population decrease as well as the number of healthy bucks. I see more non-typical and just plain pitiful racks on some older deer and its starting to show in the younger ones. When I first moved here 10 years ago, there were already two 170 class dominant bucks, one using my property exclusively and another larger one on a adjacent property. Both were poached during night hunts, but I am seeing their offspring starting to come of age. (more…)

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