Food Plots for Whitetail Deer

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Food Plots for Deer in Brown County, Texas

Question: “Interested in fall and winter food plots for whitetail and other wildlife in Brown County, Texas. I have tried to do some research online about planting deer food plots in this part of Texas and what to plant. I have read a few forums and many say to check with the local feed store and what they sale for what kind of seeds to plant. I am prepping for two food plots this weekend, one that will be 1 1/2 acres and the other 2 acres in size. One will also be planted to spring plots.

Not sure if I need a soil test because it appears to basically be sandy loam, maybe even a very fine sand mixture. Compared to other areas on the property it seems the dirt is different there. I am thinking about planting winter wheat, oats and turnips around during the second week in September. I guess what I am asking is, what have you had luck with, have you planted other seeds, and recommendations? Will be deer hunting on plot and leaving the other just for forage.”

Food Plots for Whitetail Deer in Brown County, Texas

Resposne: There are many options when it comes to food plots for deer, especially when you are talking about fall and winter selections. In your part of the world, turnips, oats and wheat are go-to choices for deer. Peanuts would be a good choice for spring food plots, as would soybeans. A lot depends on what you want the food plots on the property to accomplish. It sounds like one we be a purely supplemental food source and the other more or less a bait for deer hunting purposes.

First off, if you plan on establishing a food plot I would still recommend a soil test. These are so inexpensive and can save you wasted time and disappointed. It’s worth it!

You can get really fancy with food plots for deer, but I would recommend sticking with the tried-and-true during the fall in north central Texas. Why? First, because deer are purely in maintenance mode. Oats and wheat both have decent protein and will do well over most soils, especially when properly fertilized. Your soil test will tell you more. And yes, you want to fertilize. Deer will walk through a mile of unfertilized oats to get to the good stuff!

The best food plots are the ones that grow. My recommendation would be to contact the local feed store and see what they recommend. Tell them you are not interested in what they sell, but rather what actually grows and works in the area. Go for a food plot seed mix if available and plant it side-by-side with the oats or wheat. Then see what happens. This will give you and idea of what does best while also giving you the no-fail standard for deer hunting, as long as it rains. Best of luck!

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